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Force (in lbs) to speed?

11/7/2017 3:45:12
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I have been looking at the calculators on this site, but cannot seem to find precisely what I need. I don't need a very precise answer, merely a realistic ballpark one.

I need to know how we find the rough speed of an object's movement when a certain amount of force is applied to it.

For example, if I apply 5 lbs of force to a rock weighing 1 lb, how fast would it move (in mph, or if kph is much easier, that answer instead).

Similarly, what happens if a disk on the ground weighs 10 lbs, and I apply 5 lbs of pressure pushing/pulling it on the ground. How in these instances would I discover the speed of movement? I'm sure the surface friction is relevant to some degree, but how?

Again, I don't need these answers to be exacting, just a general formula for educated guesses.

Thanks in advance,
11/7/2017 18:55:15
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Hi Daniel,

There's a lot of variables that you need to take in consideration when deal with a case like this. I have listed a few below:

1. The surface friction
2. The angle which the force is applied relatively to the surface of the object.
3. The mass of the object
4. The current state of the object

There's probably not one single formula you could use, but I found the following articles that might help you.

Hope you find them helpful. Cheers
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