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Download Conversion Tables

Conversion Tables

In order to view the following documents, you need to download and install Adobe Reader, which can be found here: Adobe Reader (free)

Acceleration [Download]
Angle [Download]
Angular Acceleration [Download]
Angular Speed [Download]
Area [Download]
Concentration Mass [Download]
Concentration Molar [Download]
Data Storage with Binary Prefixes [Download]
Data Storage with SI Prefixes [Download]
Data Transfer Speed with Binary Prefixes [Download]
Data Transfer Speed with SI Prefixes [Download]
Density [Download]
Electrical Capacitance [Download]
Electrical Charge [Download]
Electrical Conductance [Download]
Electrical Resistance [Download]
Electric Current [Download]
Electric Potential [Download]
Energy [Download]
Flow Rate (Mass) [Download]
Flow Rate (Mole) [Download]
Flow Rate (Volume) [Download]

Force [Download]
Frequency [Download]
Fuel Efficiency (Mass) [Download]
Fuel Efficiency (Volume) [Download]
Illuminance [Download]
Inductance [Download]
LengthDistance [Download]
Luminance [Download]
Luminous Intensity [Download]
Mass [Download]
Power [Download]
Prefix (Binary) [Download]
Prefix (SI) [Download]
Pressure [Download]
Radioactivity [Download]
Time [Download]
Torque [Download]
Velocity [Download]
Dynamic Viscosity [Download]
Kinematic Viscosity [Download]
Volume [Download]

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