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Area Conversion Table

E notation is an alternative format of the scientific notation 10x.
For example: 103 = E+3.
Base units are marked in black.
Derived units are marked in gray.
Conversion Table: Area
Unit NameRelation to square meter [m2]
acre [ac][international]4046.8564224 [m2]
acre [ac][metric]10000 [m2]
acre [ac][Ireland]6555 [m2]
are [a]100 [m2]
arpent 3418.89 [m2]
barn [b]1E-28 [m2]
barony 1.618743E+7 [m2]
board [bd]0.00774192 [m2]
bolt [cloth]139.355 [m2]
bovate 1.5176E+4 [m2]
bunder 10000 [m2]
caballeria [Central America]4.5E+5 [m2]
caballeria [Cuba]1.342E+5 [m2]
caballeria [Dominican Republic]7.54E+5 [m2]
caballeria [Puerto Rico]7.86E+5 [m2]
caballeria [Spain, Peru]4047 [m2]
carreau [Haiti]1.29E+4 [m2]
cawney [India]5400 [m2]
cawny [India]5400 [m2]
cent [India]40.47 [m2]
circular inch [circ in]5.067075E-4 [m2]
circular mil [circ mil]5.067075E-10 [m2]
circular thou 5.067075E-10 [m2]
column inch [col in]0.001331 [m2]
cong [Vietnam]1000 [m2]
cord 1.48644864 [m2]
cover [Welsh]2697.9042816 [m2]
cuerda [Puerto Rico]3930 [m2]
djerib 2000 [m2]
dunam 1000 [m2]
fall [Scots]32.15 [m2]
fall [English]47.03 [m2]
football field [US]5350 [m2]
football field [Canada]8150 [m2]
hectare [ha]10000 [m2]
kilohectare 1E+7 [m2]
hide 4.86E+7 [m2]
homestead 6.47497E+5 [m2]
hundred 5E+7 [m2]
jerib 2000 [m2]
jitro [Czech Republic]5755 [m2]
jo [Japan]1.62 [m2]
joch [Austria]5755 [m2]
juchart 3600 [m2]
jutro [Croatia]5754.64 [m2]
kanal [Pakistan]505.857 [m2]
kappland [Sweden]154.26 [m2]
kattha [Nepal]338 [m2]
labor 7.1685E+5 [m2]
lane meter 2 [m2]
mou [China]666.666666666667 [m2]
kilomou 6.666667E+5 [m2]
mu [China]666.666666666667 [m2]
kilomu 6.666667E+5 [m2]
ngarn [Thailand]400 [m2]
nook 8.093713E+4 [m2]
oxgang 6E+4 [m2]
rai [Thailand]1600 [m2]
rood [ro]1011.7141056 [m2]
sao [Vietnam]360 [m2]
se [Japan]99 [m2]
section [sec][US]2.589988E+6 [m2]
shed 1E-52 [m2]
sotka [Russia]100 [m2]
square [sq]9.29 [m2]
square chain [ch2][English Survey]404.68564224 [m2]
square chain [ch2][Engineer's Chain]929.0304 [m2]
square chain [ch2][metric]400 [m2]
square foot [ft2][international]0.09290304 [m2]
square foot [ft2][US, survey]0.0929034116132748 [m2]
square furlong 4.046856E+4 [m2]
square inch [in2][international]6.4516E-4 [m2]
square inch [in2][US, survey]6.451626E-4 [m2]
square link [lnk2][Gunter's]0.040468564224 [m2]
square link [lnk2][US]0.09290304 [m2]
square meter [m2]1 [m2]
square millimeter [mm2]1E-6 [m2]
square centimeter [cm2]1E-4 [m2]
square kilometer [km2]1E+6 [m2]
square mil [mil2]6.4516E-10 [m2]
square millimil 6.4516E-16 [m2]
square mile [mi2][international]2.589988E+6 [m2]
square mile [mi2][international nautical]3.429904E+6 [m2]
square mile [mi2][UK nautical]3.434291E+6 [m2]
square mile [mi2][US nautical]3.434531E+6 [m2]
square mile [mi2][US survey]2.589998E+6 [m2]
square perch 25.29285264 [m2]
square pole 25.29285264 [m2]
square rod [rd2]25.29285264 [m2]
square yard [yd2]0.83612736 [m2]
stremma [Greek]1000 [m2]
township [twp]9.323994E+7 [m2]
virgate 1.2E+5 [m2]
yardland 1.214057E+5 [m2]

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