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Create Your Own Area Converter

You can use the Custom Converter to create your own list of units. Derived units will be automatically created based on the prefix(es) you choose below.
1. Select up to 5 base units you want to use. (what is a base unit?)
2. Select up to 5 prefixes you want to use (optional). (what is a prefix)
(Hold the CTRL key down to select more than one items)
- Select the base unit(s) - - Select the prefix(es) -
3. Click the button below to generate the converter.

Related Infomation

The SI Unit of Area

Formula: Area

To determine the area of a circle, you can use the following formula. More area formulas can be found at the following link.

r : radius
d : diameter
π : a mathematical constant equals approx. 3.14
A : area
Area of a Circle
Source: Web Formulas (Area)

Calculators: Area

You can use our area calculators to determine the area of various different shaped objects.
Area Calculators
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