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Force Conversion Table

E notation is an alternative format of the scientific notation 10x.
For example: 103 = E+3.
Base units are marked in black.
Derived units are marked in gray.
Conversion Table: Force
Unit NameRelation to newton [N]
atomic unit of force [au]8.238722E-8 [N]
dyne [dyn][CGS]1E-5 [N]
gram-force [gf]0.00980665 [N]
grave-force [gf]9.80665 [N]
gravet-force [gf]0.00980665 [N]
kip [kip]4448.2216152605 [N]
kip-force [kipf]4448.2216152605 [N]
newton [N]1 [N]
millinewton 0.001 [N]
kilonewton 1000 [N]
ounce-force [ozf]0.278013850953781 [N]
pond 0.00980665 [N]
poundal [pdl]0.138254954376 [N]
pound-force [lbf]4.4482216152605 [N]
sthene [sn]1000 [N]
ton-force [tnf]8896.443230521 [N]

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