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At SmartConversion, we believe in supporting the scientific community and helping to spread knowledge to the masses. That's why we are offering free access to our website for YouTube content creators who specialize in science-related topics.

To join our program, you must have a YouTube channel dedicated to science, regularly uploading new content. In addition, we require that you use our website in at least one or more of your videos every month to help spread the word, so that more people can benefit from our online tools. Finally every content creator is required to joined our discord server, so that we can keep you up to date with the latest changes and features.

We'll review your account regularly to ensure that you meet our requirements, and we reserve the right to terminate your account if we deem it necessary.

As a content creator, you know the importance of accurate and reliable information. With our free access, you will have access to a range of tools that will help you in your research and content creation. Our tools cover topics such as maths, physics, unit conversions, investment, finance and health related calculators, making it easier for you to perform accurate calculations and create informative and engaging content.

By partnering with SmartConversion, you'll have access to the latest tools and resources to enhance your content and make it more engaging for your viewers.

Once your account is approved. You will be able to claim a tool/page on our website to help promote your video content. However, there is a catch - in order to claim a tool, your video must be about the tool or the topic it represents. This ensures that viewers will be getting relevant and valuable information when they watch your video. By creating content that aligns with the tool, you'll not only promote your videos but also provide helpful insights for viewers. By claiming a tool, you'll have the opportunity to showcase your video content on our website, potentially reaching a wider audience and gaining more views. We'll list your videos on the page related to the tool, making it easy for viewers to find and watch your content.

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