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Energy Conversion Table

E notation is an alternative format of the scientific notation 10x.
For example: 103 = E+3.
Base units are marked in black.
Derived units are marked in gray.
Conversion Table: Energy
Unit NameRelation to joule [J]
atomic unit of energy [Eh]4.359744E-18 [J]
barrel of oil 6.117863E+9 [J]
BTU [59°F, British Thermal Unit]1054.804 [J]
BTU [international, British Thermal Unit]1055.05585262 [J]
BTU [ISO, British Thermal Unit]1054.5 [J]
BTU [mean, British Thermal Unit]1055.87 [J]
BTU [thermochemical, British Thermal Unit]1054.35026444 [J]
calorie [cal][15°C]4.1852 [J]
calorie [cal][20°C]4.182 [J]
calorie [cal][international]4.1868 [J]
kilocalorie 4186.8 [J]
calorie [cal][international 1929]4.18604651162791 [J]
calorie [cal][international 1956]4.1868 [J]
calorie [cal][mean]4.19 [J]
calorie [cal][thermochemical]4.184 [J]
celsius heat unit [CHU][thermochemical]1899.100534716 [J]
cubic foot of atmosphere 2869.2044809344 [J]
cubic foot of natural gas 1.055056E+6 [J]
cubic meter of atmosphere 1.01325E-4 [J]
cubic yard of atmosphere 7.746852E+4 [J]
electronvolt [eV]1.602176E-19 [J]
erg [erg][CGS]1E-7 [J]
foot pound [ft lbf]1.3558179483314 [J]
foot-pound force [ft lbf]1.3558179483314 [J]
foot-poundal [ft pdl]0.0421401100938048 [J]
gallon atmosphere [gal atm][imperial]460.63256925 [J]
gallon atmosphere [gal atm][US]383.5568490138 [J]
hartree [Eh]4.359744E-18 [J]
horsepower hour [hp h]2.647796E+6 [J]
inch-pound force [in lbf]0.112984829027617 [J]
joule [J]1 [J]
millijoule 0.001 [J]
kilojoule 1000 [J]
megajoule 1E+6 [J]
large calorie [Gcal]4186.8 [J]
liter atmosphere [l atm]101.325 [J]
quad 1.05435E+18 [J]
rydberg [Ry]2.179872E-18 [J]
therm [EC]1.05435E+8 [J]
therm [US]1.054804E+8 [J]
thermie 4.1868E+6 [J]
ton of coal 2.9288E+10 [J]
ton of oil 4.184E+10 [J]
ton of tnt [tTNT]4.184E+9 [J]
watt hour [Wh]3600 [J]

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