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Frequency Conversion Table

E notation is an alternative format of the scientific notation 10x.
For example: 103 = E+3.
Base units are marked in black.
Derived units are marked in gray.
Conversion Table: Frequency
Unit NameRelation to hertz [Hz]
cycle/second 1 [Hz]
cycle/millisecond 1000 [Hz]
hertz [Hz]1 [Hz]
millihertz 0.001 [Hz]
radian/hour [rad/hr]4.420972E-5 [Hz]
milliradian/hour 4.420972E-8 [Hz]
radian/minute [rad/min]0.00265258333333333 [Hz]
milliradian/minute 2.652583E-6 [Hz]
radian/second [rad/s]0.159155 [Hz]
radian/millisecond 159.155 [Hz]
milliradian/second 1.59155E-4 [Hz]
milliradian/millisecond 0.159155 [Hz]

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The SI Unit of Frequency

Formula: Frequency

ω : angular frequency
π : a mathematical constant equals approx. 3.14
T : periode
f : frequency
The Formula for Determining the Frequency
Source: Web Formulas (Frequency)
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