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Mass/Weight Conversion Table

E notation is an alternative format of the scientific notation 10x.
For example: 103 = E+3.
Base units are marked in black.
Derived units are marked in gray.
Conversion Table: Mass/Weight
Unit NameRelation to kilogram [kg]
assay ton [AT][long]0.0326666666666667 [kg]
assay ton [AT][short]0.0291666666666667 [kg]
atomic unit of mass 9.10938E-31 [kg]
bag [Portland cement, Canada]39.689332375 [kg]
bag [Portland cement, US]42.63768278 [kg]
bag coffe 60 [kg]
barge 2.041166E+4 [kg]
carat [kt]2.591956E-4 [kg]
carat [metric]2E-4 [kg]
cental 45.359237 [kg]
chalder 2692.52 [kg]
clove 3.62873896 [kg]
crith 8.9885E-5 [kg]
dram [dr][apothecary]0.0038879346 [kg]
dram [dr][apothecary]0.0017718451953125 [kg]
firkin 25.40117272 [kg]
flask 34.7 [kg]
gamma 1E-9 [kg]
geepound 14.5939 [kg]
grain [gr]6.479891E-5 [kg]
gram [g]0.001 [kg]
milligram [mg]1E-6 [kg]
kilogram [kg]1 [kg]
gros 0.0102 [kg]
hundredweight [long]50.80234544 [kg]
hundredweight [short]45.359237 [kg]
hyl [cgs]9.80665 [kg]
international unit [ui]1.515152E-9 [kg]
jin [China]0.5 [kg]
kip [kip]453.59237 [kg]
last [General]1814.36948 [kg]
last [US]1981.29147216 [kg]
liang [China]0.05 [kg]
mark 0.2488278144 [kg]
metric ton 1000 [kg]
mic 1E-9 [kg]
millier 1000 [kg]
mite 3.239946E-6 [kg]
mite [metric]5E-5 [kg]
myriagram [myrg]10 [kg]
ounce [oz][apothecary]0.0311034768 [kg]
ounce [oz av][avoirdupois]0.028349523125 [kg]
ounce [oz][troy]0.0311034768 [kg]
pennyweight [pwt]0.00155517384 [kg]
point 2E-6 [kg]
pound [lb av][avoirdupois]0.45359237 [kg]
pound [lb][metric]0.5 [kg]
pound [lb t][troy]0.3732417216 [kg]
quarter [informal]254.0117272 [kg]
quarter [imperial]12.70058636 [kg]
quartern 1.587573295 [kg]
quintal [q][metric]100 [kg]
quintal [q]45.36 [kg]
rebah 0.00408233133 [kg]
sack [Canada]39.689332375 [kg]
sack [US]42.63768278 [kg]
sack of flour 45.36 [kg]
scruple [s ap][apothecary]0.0012959782 [kg]
sheet 6.479891E-4 [kg]
shekel 0.01632932532 [kg]
slinch 175.1268 [kg]
slug 14.5939 [kg]
stone [st]6.35029318 [kg]
ton [t]1000 [kg]
tonne [long]1016.0469088 [kg]
tonne [metric]1000 [kg]
tonne [short]907.18474 [kg]
troy 0.3732417216 [kg]
truss 25.40117272 [kg]
wey 114.30527724 [kg]

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