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Calculate Your Rest Metabolic Rate (Katch & James)

Last updated: Monday, May 01, 2023
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The Rest Metabolic Rate (RMR) is similar to the Basal Metabolic Rate, however it measures the calories that your body burns while at rest, which is usually a bit higher than the BMR.

This calculator uses the Katch-McArdle formula in combination with the James formula to determine your lean body mass (LBM).

Both the Katch-McArdle and the Cunningham formulas are more suitable for individuals whose muscle mass are significantly higher than average.

The Katch–McArdle formula for determining the RMR is defined as:
\(RMR\) \(=\) \(370\) \(+\) \(21.6\) \(\times\) \(LBM_{James}\)
\(RMR\): The Lean Body Mass
\(weight\): the weight measured in kilogram
\(height\): The height measured in centimeter(cm)
The unit for RMR is: \(kilocalorie/day \text{ } (kcal/d)\)
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Use this calculator to determine the Rest Metabolic Rate (RMR) for an adult female based on the Katch-McArdle and the James formulas.
the weight measured in kilogram
The height measured in centimeter(cm)
Please note, that all calculators provided are for informational and educational purposes ONLY, and should NOT be taken as professional medical/dietary advice.
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